Ethical Argan

Ethical Argan

From Africa for Africa with Nature’s: together for sustainable and lasting development

Africa is the soul of Nature’s Argà line. Since its creation, Argà has contributed to a humanitarian project aimed at the development of Morocco, the land of origin of the precious Argan oil.

By donating part of the costs incurred for purchasing this oil to the MAROCAVIE association, Nature’s is supporting the work of the Berber women who produce it and takes part in some important projects to improve the lives of local people.

Every time you buy a product from the Argà line, you are contributing to an organisation that is committed to fighting the education of children and combating the spread of desert and rural exodus.

Marocavie: together for sustainable development

Marocavie ( s a charitable organisation that contributes to sustainable development in Morocco. Marocavie is completely independent of any political or religious affiliations and free of any commercial influence.

Marocavie is primarily financed by Marogania, which pays a percentage of its turnover for every kilo of oil sold. Therefore, by purchasing OLVEA Morocco’s argan oil, Nature’s is contributing to Marocavie.

Marocavie’s mission is to support projects that aim to:

  • combat the spread of desert and rural exodus
  • improve the education of children


The first projects supported by Marocavie are:

1) Biougra region

The Izkritne Association, in a village of 1300 inhabitants and 108 households. The village has a well 170 metres deep but with no pump to draw the water. Marocavie has supplied and installed a pump. The people of the village were then trained to operate and maintain the installation.


  • To irrigate plots of agricultural land which were dry for the previous 5 years.
  • To allow the local people to develop vegetable farming to meet their food needs.
  • To provide the local people with a professional occupation and so limit the drift away from the land.
  • To warn of the erosion caused by under-exploitation of the land.
  • To combat the spread of the desert.
2) Essaouira region

The Takafoul Association in the village Ait El Hamri, in a desert region with 5 elementary schools having 343 students (197 boys and 146 girls).

The first projects supported for these schools are:

  • The village had an electricity network but schools were not connected to the mains. Marocavie has financed this connection.
  • Construction of 2 sanitary facilities for each school. Without them, many teenagers would leave the school system.
  • Purchase of school supplies and computers.
  • Construction of surrounding walls.

Objective: to improve and facilitate the education of children