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Natural cosmetics for the care of the body, the result of the most advanced research. Natural body creams and products with organic ingredients that contain the most effective elements and the best plant extracts selected from all over the world. Natural products to hydrate, cleanse and perfume with tenderness.


Detergente Intimo Dìlatte

Intimate wash Dilatte


BLUSALINO Docciashampoo

Regeneration Shower Shampoo Blusalino

Pepe Fondente

Energizing Shower Shampoo Gel Pepe Fondente

Neroli Pesca

Nourishing Shower Milk Neroli Pesca

Giardino d’Agrumi

Docciashampoo vitalizzante Giardino d'Agrumi


Fiori di Zenzero

Zenzero Lattedoccia

Shower Milk

Rosso The

BagnoDoccia Detossinante Rosso The

Rosso The detox Shower Gel

Rosso The

Crema Corpo Rosso The

Rosso The Detox Body Lotion

Rosso The

Crema Mani Piedi Rosso The

Rosso The Detox Hand and Foot Cream

Foglie d’Ebano

Docciashampoo Foglie d'Ebano

Tonifying Foglie d’Ebano shower gel-shampoo

Foglie d’Ebano

Crema Mani e Piedi Foglie d'Ebano

Tonifying Foglie d’Ebano hand and foot cream

Combination to Oily Skin

Aquagel Effetto Mat Acque Unicellulari Nature's

Purifying Aquagel Mat Effect SPF20