Guide to Nature’s Fragrances

Choose a fragrance demands attention.
Whether for yourself or for a gift, it is important to do so slowly.

All fragrances are developed by following a path called the olfactory pyramid.

First you will smell the head notes, those that vanish in a few minutes, then you can smell the core notes, those who leave the “trail” and last two to three hours, while continuing on the skin are the tail notes, which are the true character of the scent.

The escalation of the warning, their overlap and intertwine over the course of hours gives each perfume a definite personality, which must be in harmony with the personality and the skin of the wearer and contribute to complement their emotions.


Have fun and find the best fragrance for you!
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The Nature's scents are inspired by the beauty of nature. The greatest "masters perfumers" interpret the ingredients of tradition and territory to achieve innovative and contemporary pregranze. The result is a collection of amazing perfumes, modern and refined that meet the taste, style and personality in simple way, unique and original.