Combination to Oily Skin
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Combination to Oily Skin

Remove impurities, mattify the skin and reduce excessive greasiness without drying the skin. The purifying and astringent properties of the organic Green Mandarin Unicellular Water are contained in face creams for combination skin and rebalancing masks for oily skins.


Pelle miste e impure Acque Unicellulari Nature's

With Organic Green Mandarin Unicellular Water base To balance out combination and oily skin.

A highly-prized variety of green Mandarin is cultivated in the ancient citrus groves located between the seaside and the mountains of Calabria. The extraordinarily pure water is obtained from squeezing the fruit.
It is procured from the plant’s vital cells and rich in trace elements, vitamins and essential oils.  Organic Green Mandarin Unicellular Water is a natural source of vitality and balance for the skin.


Natural Active Ingredients

Organic Green Mandarin Unicellular Water: re-balancing – Alga Laminaria Extract: sebum balancing, moisturizing – Hyaluronic Acid with three different molecular weights: super-hydrating and toning – Mat active: anti-shine effect – Red Spruce Extract: sebum balancing, anti-shine

Aquagel Effetto Mat Acque Unicellulari Nature's

Purifying Aquagel Mat Effect SPF20 Acque Unicellulari

Crema Gel Viso Riequilibrante Acque Unicellulari Nature's

Balancing Face Gel Cream Acque Unicellulari