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Fiori di Cotone

A line of natural products with organic ingredients for the hygiene and wellbeing of babies. Ultra-delicate formulas, designed to respect the babies’ sensitive skin, a tender and flowery fragrance for scented cuddles.

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Rituals of sweetness for the skin of little ones

The Fiori di Cotone range, designed for the skin of little ones, now has updated formulas, with over 97% of the total ingredients of natural origin and with organic ingredients.
Fiori di Cotone takes care of children’s skin, ensuring all the delicacy needed and helping to reduce irritation and redness.
The delicate fragrance, which leaves a pleasant sensation of cleanliness and freshness, comes from an allergen-free scent.

Natural Active Ingredients

Made from Cotton and Sweet Almond Oils and Distilled Chamomile Water

Acqua Vitalizzante Fiori di Cotone

Fiori di Cotone Scented Water

Baby Bath Shampoo

Soothing Baby Cream