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    Notes of noble woods intertwine with the softness of flowers.


    Seductive, intriguing, refined

    Main assets

    Oranic Bergamot extract and precious Woods


    Smoothing, protective

  • The energizing and moisturizing properties of Bergamot, Shea Butter and Sweet briar’s natural and organic extracts can be found in all Foglie d’Ebano products. Natural cosmetics to take care of your skin and leave it nourished and pleasantly scented.


    Foglie d’Ebano is an intriguing range whose seductive fragrances are bold, aromatic and sophisticated.
    Its juicy bergamot nuances make for an intensely fresh element softened by orange flower and rounded spice harmonies. The woody ebony nuances sustained by violet and jasmine flowers complete its perfume, alternating proud and tender notes which make this fragrance ideal for both women and men.
    The energising, emollient and supple properties of its natural extracts meld in the range’s various products to take care of your skin, leaving it delicately fragranced.

  • This crem gives an immediate feeling of vitality.
    Tonifying Body lotion

    Foglie d'Ebano

    Tonifying Body lotion

  • It absorbs rapidly, moisturises, smooths and protects hands and feet.
    Tonifying hand and foot cream

    Foglie d'Ebano

    Tonifying hand and foot cream