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Active sunscreen with natural biodegradable ingredients for the whole family. A complete line of sun and after-sun products, with an advanced system of broad-spectrum microencapsulated filters. Creams, fluid sprays and transparent sprays for a natural and safe tan. · Water Resistant · Vegan formulas · Free from parabens · Free from silicones · Dermatologically tested · Nickel tested. Even for the most delicate skins.

Active protection for the whole family.

With Hyaluronic acid, organic Orange water and microencapsulated filters.

Nature’s iSolari take advantage of the action of the IR-SUN filter complex which associates photostable UVB filters with a broad-spectrum system against UVA and Infrared rays consisting of specific filters or active ingredients (Polygonum aviculare) to act on the 3 risk factors for the skin:

UVA ⋅ responsible for the biological damage to the DNA and therefore for long-term damage to the skin;
UVB ⋅ responsible for erythema and sunburns;
INFRARED ⋅ responsible for photo-ageing.

The filters are microencapsulated in particles of plant origin which, in addition to safeguarding their effectiveness, prolong their protective action and, avoiding their direct contact with the skin, reduce the risk of allergies.
To the defence ensured by the filtering system, all Nature’s iSolari products add the action of various natural ingredients, such as Sweet Orange Unicellular Water from organic farming and Hyaluronic Acid, which help the skin to remain soft, hydrated and elastic and to counteract premature ageing.

iSolari ensure a perfect and safe tan for each skin type, taking care even of the skin of the little ones. Three different textures – transparent spray, fluid spray and cream – are available to best meet the different preferences, and they are also water resistant and anti-sand.

Formulas with biodegradable ingredients

Nature’s research has worked to create formulas with biodegradable and low environmental impact ingredients. Biodegradability in seawater was assessed following the OECD 306:1992 method (published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).

Natural Active Ingredients


To the filter system Nature’s iSolari associate the action of natural extracts, which help the skin to remain soft, hydrated and elastic and to counteract premature ageing:

  • Sweet Orange Unicellular Water of organic origin: obtained from the cold pressing of the citrus fruit, it preserves intact the trace elements and the vitamin C content, to counteract the drying up and loss of elasticity caused by exposure;
  • Apricot milk: obtained from the processing of the fresh apricot fruit, rich in Beta-carotene, it has a refreshing, soothing and velvety effect;
  • Shea butter (from organic farming): rich in vitamins A, B, E, F and emollient and regenerating substances, it also has high filtering capacity, which helps protect the skin from damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays;
  • Rice oil: emollient and nourishing, it has soothing and photo-protective properties. Rich in essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamins A and E, it counteracts the action of the free radicals produced during sun exposure;
  • Hyaluronic acid: thanks to its extraordinary ability to retain water, it helps the skin to maintain the optimal level of hydration, counteracting the dehydration caused by the sun, wind and salt;
  • Vegetable Melanin: obtained from dates, it enhances the action of natural melanin ensuring a uniform and long-lasting tan;
  • Polygonum aviculare: the extract of this herbaceous plant plays a protective role against the aggression of the infrared rays responsible for the degeneration of the skin’s support fibres. Given its particular composition, it is ideal for ensuring effective protection in sun products with a lighter and more transparent texture.


Like the most refined cosmetic products, Nature’s iSolari combine rich formulations with sophisticated, impalpable textures that are non-greasy and leave the skin velvety. Even in the highest protections, they have light, delicate, easy-to-apply textures that are quickly absorbed by the skin and leave it immediately velvety. They are divided into three large families:

TRANSPARENT SPRAYS have the finest and lightest texture available on the market. They are ideal for those who do not like to feel any product on the skin. They ensure perfect protection with a dry finish effect: once sprayed, they leave no trace.
FLUID SPRAYS   are milky, perfect for those who love fast applications. They leave a fresh moisturising sensation on the skin and a soft and satin finish.
CREAMS are perfect for those who want a more intense moisturising action and are used to applying the product by massaging it. They leave the skin soft, nourished and velvety.

Thanks to their triple protection against UVA, UVB and IR rays and to their micro-encapsulated and photo-stable filters, Nature’s I solari sunscreens protect from sunburns, skin irritations and photoaging and can reduce the risk of sensitization. Please check our “Under the sun with Nature’s” section to discover more about UVA, UVB and IR rays, and to learn more about how to get a deep and safe tan.


Medium Protection

Spray Fluido Solare SPF20

Spray Sun Lotion SPF 20

High Protection

Spray Fluido Solare SPF30

Spray Sun Lotion SPF 30

Very High Protection


Spray Sun Lotion SPF 50

Very High Protection


Spray Sun Lotion – Baby – SPF 50+

Medium Protection

Spray Trasparente SPF20

Transparent Sun Spray SPF 20

High Protection

Spray Trasparente SPF30

Transparent Sun Spray SPF 30

Very High Protection

Spray Trasparente SPF50

Transparent Sun Spray SPF 50

Very High Protection

Spray Trasparente SPF50+ Bambini

Transparent Sun Spray – Baby – SPF 50+

Low Protection

Sun Cream SPF6

Medium Protection

Sun Cream SPF15

Medium Protection

Sun Cream SPF25

High Protection

Sun Cream SPF50

Very High Protection

Crema Gel Viso Antirughe SPF50

Anti-Age Sun Gel-Cream Face-Lips SPF50

Very High Protection

stick iSolari Nature's SPF50

Sun Stick SPF 50+

No Protection

Tanning Accelerator +65%

After Sun

bagnodoccia iSolari

Aftersun Bath and Shower Gel

After Sun

Emulsione Doposole iSolari Nature's

Aftersun Emulsion