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Olio di Dattero

The hydrating, brightening and nourishing properties of organic date oil for hair care.  Hydrating or straightening, volumizing shampoo and restructuring masks to sublimate the beauty of the hair.

The line to make hair shine.

Organic Date oil is the key ingredient to the innovative Nature’s line that include shampoo and various treatments to ensure the beauty and vitality of all hair types.

Nature’s research has chosen to use the seeds of Sahel Date, also known as the Desert Date, due to their extraordinary oil, filled with nourishing, protective, restructuring substances, useful to ensure beautiful and healthy hair.

Typical of the arid areas of sub-Saharan Africa, the Balanites roxburghii, of the family of the Zygophyllaceae, is a hard-wearing plant that can grow up to 10 metres tall with fruit that can survive extremely dry conditions.
The Organic Date oil used by Nature’s comes from Burkina Faso, where a women’s cooperative deals with its extraction using a special cold-pressing process to preserve the high content of flavonoids and fatty acids with their nourishing and repairing properties.

Natural Active Ingredients

Organic Date oil, Vitamins and special vegetable surfactants, White tea, Baobab, Oats, Sweet almonds.

Volumizing shampoo

Moisturizing Shampoo

Extra-Mild Shampoo

Restructuring Conditioner

Restructuring Spray

Straightening Shampoo

Straightening Mask