Sensitive Skin
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Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin that is prone to redness, needs tenderness. The organic Clementine Unicellular Water brings soothing, rebalancing and protective substances, the face cream with organic ingredients for sensitive skin is ultra-delicate and gives the face immediate wellbeing. With sun protection.

Pelle sensibili Acque Unicellulari Nature's

For Skin Suffering from redness SPF 20 with organic Clementine Unicellular Water and Liquorice.

In age-old citrus fruit orchards set between the sea and the mountains of Calabria grows a prized variety of Clementine. Squeezing the fruit produces Organic Clementine Unicellulari Water, which comes from the plant vital cells and is rich in trace elements and vitamins. Because the skin needs water!

Natural Active Ingredients

Clementine Unicellular Water, Licorice, Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Oil, Sun Filters

Crema Viso Pelli Arrossate Acque Unicellulari Nature's

Face Cream for Skin Suffering from Redness SPF 20 Acque Unicellulari