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Pepe Fondente

A line of natural cosmetics, with a characteristic unisex scent, where the spicy pepper notes meet the vanilla, chocolate and Caribbean rum notes. Body and hand creams, shower shampoo, massage oils, eau de toilette with vegetal  ingredients to leave the skin soft and scented.

Pepe Fondente Nature's

A gourmand fragrance, a magnetic cocktail of dark chocolate, vanilla and Caribbean rum.

A magnetic perfume where opposites meet in a symphony of gourmand chords and surprising nuances. The spicy opener of black Pepper reveals the sweet and sharp notes of Blackberry and Jasmine, that are progressively softened by a fragrant and strong heart of Vanilla, dark Chocolate and Caribbean Rum. The finale rests on the heat of the Cedar and Labdanum wood that intensifies the elegant and sophisticated heart of the fragrance.
The organic black Pepper and Cocoa extracts characterize the natural cosmetics of this scented line. Pepper gives the fragrance a special spicy note, while Cocoa gives the skin suppleness and elasticity, helping to protect it from free radicals.

Natural Active Ingredients

Organic Black Pepper, Cocoa, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Illipe Butter.

Pepe Fondente brings the signature of Nathalie Lorson.

«To create a magnetic and vibrant fragrance, I thought of a surprising match of dark chocolate and pepper. To stress the deep features I chose black vanilla, cedar and labdanum wood and added a touch of rum to give more personality. As an opener, vibrant hints of blackberry match the flowery notes of jasmine.»

Nathalie Lorson


HEADBlack pepper, Blackberry, Jasmine

COREBlack vanilla, Cocoa, Caribbean rum

TAILCedar wood, Labdanum


For the most independent spirits that love to venture out of the ordinary and shun easy definitions, a fragrance with a dynamic and vibrant heart. With its perfect balance of warm and pungent notes, it expresses an original, sometimes contradictory and provocative character. It is a real declaration of freedom from all patterns, a particularly sophisticated unisex choice destined to be remembered.

Pepe Fondente Crema Corpo

Energizing Body Cream

Energizing Shower Shampoo Gel

Eau de Toilette Pepe Fondente

Hand and foot Energizing Cream

Profumo per ambiente Pepe Fondente