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    Shades of petals enclose the velvety transparency of fruits.


    Young, dreamy, refreshing

    Main assets

    Frangipani and Raspberry


    Emollient, moisturising

  • Body natural products enriched with the flowery notes of Pomelia, also known as Frangipani, and with the fruity notes of Raspberries. A young, fruity, dreamy and light essence that enriches the body wash, scented body creams and refreshing body and hair waters.


    A scented body line that envelops the skin with sweetness and exudes elegant sensuality.
    Pomelia, better known as Frangipani, is a tropical plant which has spread to Europe from the mid-eighteenth century and is now widely grown in Sicily. The soft and fleshy petals of its flowers give off a full, heady and voluptuous scent which, according to tradition, can awaken the deepest emotions. Routinely used in Hawaii to make wreaths for guests, legend has it that Frangipani flowers have the power to annul the time-space interval, filling the void with their fragrance.
    To boost its intense, sensual and velvety notes, this fragrance opens with crisp hints of Bergamot blended with Magnolia, Freesia and Neroli; it is further jazzed up with the fruity notes of Raspberry, and finally ends with a soft background of Vanilla and Musk, enhanced by the elegance of Cashmere Wood.

  • A creamy, rich-textured emulsion which hydrates and nourishes the skin, leaving it velvety smooth.
    Soothing Body Cream


    Soothing Body Cream