Interview with Paolo Tramonti

Listen to the interview with Paolo Tramonti, CEO of Bios Line: “Phytoscomesis: the science of natural wellness,” published in the highly successful podcast Beauty World from A to Z, signed by influencer Giulia Paladini.

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Italian passion for beauty.

If you love beauty that comes from inside and can be seen on the outside.
If you love purity with all its strength.
If you love nature and know how to harness its extraordinary active ingredients.
If you love this, you will love the new world of Nature’s.

Nature's research start with a journey.
But it always ends in Italy.

The most original raw materials come from all over the world. But the products are 100% Italian.
Nature’s studies cosmetics that are completely effective.
But made with extraordinary natural ingredients.

Our story is born out of love for nature and beauty.

In nature, for over 15 years, we have been looking for the most effective plants, selecting hundreds of active ingredients from around the world and working with procedures that respect the environment and local communities.
These extraordinary plants, often of organic origin, become the raw material to create cosmetics and magical fragrances that help us to feel more beautiful and in harmony with ourselves.