The story of Nature’s

The story of Nature’s

Our story is born out
of love for nature and beauty.

In nature, for over 15 years, we have been looking for the most effective plants, selecting hundreds of active ingredients from around the world and working with procedures that respect the environment and local communities.
These extraordinary plants, often of organic origin, become the raw material to create cosmetics and magical fragrances that help us to feel more beautiful and in harmony with ourselves.

Nature’s products are formulated
and manufactured with Italian passion.

Nature’s products are always clinically tested to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.
The story of Nature’s is also the story of a land full of charm and innovation: Padua and the north-east of Italy. Places full of energy and creativity and home to a University which, with its 800-year history, is one of the greatest cultural centres in the world and an important breeding ground for experimentation and development.