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Acido Ialuronico Gocce Concentrate Acque Unicellulari Nature's

Acque Unicellulari Hyaluronic Acid Concentrated Drops

30 ml - Euro 25,00

A pure concentrate for face beauty that combines the richness of Unicellular Waters with one of the most effective active ingredients in ensuring skin tone and elasticity: Hyaluronic acid.

Just a few drops and its light, concentrated texture smooths, firms, and restores a younger look to the face.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the skin and helps restore skin tissue suppleness and toneFor a specific anti-ageing action, it has been combined with Organic Red Orange Unicellular Water, rich in Vitamins and essential trace elements. Nature’s Hyaluronic acid features three molecular weights and a cross-linked structure, ensuring a slow-release action.

It can be used daily before your usual face cream to increase its efficacy, or alone for those preferring a lighter texture, especially for oily skin and during summer.

With organic and plant-derived extracts, suitable for vegans, nickel tested and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

The regenerating power of Unicellular Waters and citrus fruits bioferment

Innovation 2021: +300 of antioxidant power

From today the regenerating power of Unicellular Waters meets the antioxidant effectiveness of the organic citrus fruits bioferment.
The new Nature’s Acque Unicellulari formulations have been enhanced with citrus fruits bioferment. The biofermentation of citrus fruits peels and pulp creates an extraordinary anti-ageing and moisturizing extract. A concentrate of antioxidant active ingredients that, combined with the vitamins present in the Unicellular Waters are rich in, regenerate and give brightness to the skin. Designed for every skin type, they are ideal for moisturizing, nourishing and giving the skin all the comfort it needs at any time of the day.

* In-vitro evaluation of citrus extract before and after fermentation: antioxidant power (DPPH method)