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Micellar Water Face and Eyes Acque Unicellulari

200 ml - Euro 15,00

Removes make-up, tones, moisturises.

From Nature’s Research, an extraordinary 3-in-1 water that removes make-up, tones and moisturises, without any rinsing. It removes make-up and impurities, leaving the skin soft, fresh and hydrated. It contains organic Bergamot unicellular water with a refreshing, purifying and toning action, organic Citrus fruits Bioferment with antioxidant power, and Cornflower extracts with softening properties.

Using it is very simple: clean your skin with some cotton pads moistened with Micellar Water. In case of waterproof make-up, leave the pads moistened with Micellar Water in contact with the skin for a few seconds. No need to rinse.
Alcohol and fragrance free.