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Acqua Vitalizzante Vetiverde

Vitalizing Water Vetiverde

150 ml - Euro 12,00

A delicately scented water, ideal for hydrating hair and body while treating yourself to an immediate feeling of freshness.
The aromatic and sparkling notes of Vetiver and Cardamomo emit energy and vitality while Aloe Vera and Sambuco water toning the skin.
To vaporize on your body and hair after showering, sports and any time of the day.
The special ALCOHOL formulation is also suitable for the most delicate skin.
It does not stain fabrics; it can therefore be used to perfume garments and upholstery.

The scent of wet leaves and grass meets the transparency of water and the freshness of citrus fruits.

A fresh and lively fragrance full of shades that steal the colours of nature. Vetiverde begins with the energy of Bergamot tempered by elegance of cardamom. In the heart, transparent notes a new Water harmony blend with a bouquet of violet leaves to enhance the intensity of Vetiver. In the end the touches of soft Musk and amber seal an olfactory composition dedicated to men and women daring and contemporaries.

Natural Active Ingredients

Cardamom essential oil, Vetiver extract, Shea butter (organically grown), sweet almond oil.


HEADBergamot, Cardamom

COREWater, Violet leaves, Vetiver

TAILVegetal Amber, Musk

Dedicated to men and women with adventurous and bold spirits. The woody notes, freshened by water hints, seduce the traveller and whoever loves the breath of nature.

The Olfactory Pyramid
It debuts with the energy of Bergamot mixed with the elegance of Cardamom. In its core, the transparent hints of an unprecedented Water chord join with a bouquet of Violet leaves to enhance the intensity of Vetiver. In the finale the soft touches of Musk and Amber.