Zucchero d’Ambra
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Burroscrub Labbra Zucchero d’Ambra

8 ml - Euro 9,00

Makeup residues can settle in the infinitesimal roughness of the lips and accentuate their dryness until they appear thinner and more arid. For this reason, in addition to cleaning them off daily, it is also important to scrub off any impurities. And this is exactly the action of the inviting Lip Scrub based on Amber extract and aqueous extract of organic Sugar cane. It is spread on the lips with the fingers, giving them a short and light massage.
It contains grains of sugar which, due to the heat of the lips and the massage, dissolve, removing impurities and dead cells from the surface. It does not need to be rinsed off, but if necessary, any excess is removed with a tissue, leaving lips softer and fuller-looking.

97% of its total ingredients are from natural origin. The remainder is for product’s sensoriality and preservation

With Zucchero d’Ambra, the promise, for both him and her, is not only to feel enveloped in a perfume that inspires vitality, but also to remove any harshness and feeling of heaviness from thoughts.

Natural Active Ingredients

Amber Extract: antioxidant and smoothing
Organic Sugar Extract (from sugar cane): slightly exfoliating, moisturising
Beet Betaine: moisturising and regenerating
Organic Shea butter: nourishing
Beet Allantoin: exfoliating


HEADBergamot, drops of honey, Frankincense, Saffron

COREOrange flowers, Lavender, Cinnamon, leather accord

TAILAmber, Mirra, Elemi, Wood, Cedar, White Musk

The aromatic note that characterizes the Zucchero d’Ambra line is warm, lively, intense and deep. The drops of Amber are transformed into a delicious olfactory note that explores all the facets of floral and oriental notes to fade into the warmth of leather and woods. In a decidedly unisex character.