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150 ml - Euro 14,00

As a special treat to yourself or a loved one, this oil is also specially suited to children.
It transmits positive thinking, generates calm and is conducive to sleep. Essence of Vanilla and Benjamin-tree reassure both the body and mind, keep out negative thoughts and release stress and tension.
Coriander and Thuja oils have a rebalancing and relaxing action, stimulate creativity and improve memory.
Added to this is the scented fragrance of Cardamom with a spicy, floral and balsamic hint that relieve tiredness and fatigue.
Thanks to a high content of vegetable oils – Sweet Almonds, Maize and Sesame – the massage oil is highly nutritious and emollient, protecting and revitalizing the skin to leave it feeling extremely soft, smooth and silky.

Tenderness and Relax Massage Oils

Tenderness and Relax.
The Massage Oils from NATURE’S Harmony and Wellbeing have been created.
Exclusively natural special, essential oils, together with the purest vegetable oils release aromatic fragrances which act positively on spirit, senses and emotions, leaving skin feeling satin soft.
Nature’s massage Oils invite you to re-discover those special moments just for you.
A timeless, magical ritual in which the ancient expressiveness of massage combines the physical being with its inner self, intensified by the extraordinary power of essences. To bestow new beauty on the body, to reward oneself with a break for true relaxation, and to instil a sense of harmony.

Natural Active Ingredients

Sweet Almond Oil, Maize Oil, Sesame Oil