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Antiage and After Shave Face Cream

50 ml - Euro 23,00

With Hematite and Vegetable Hyaluronic Acid
A dual action treatment: it fights signs of age and visibly reduces lines, and sooths irritated skin after shaving.

It contains Hematite, which helps produce collagen, Vegetable hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E, with a moisturizing and antixoidant action, Aloe Vera gel, soothing and emollient, and Papaya extract, which helps delay hair growth.

The energy of the earth in the heart of the skin

Magnetic and vigorous. Hematite crystal, extracted from lava rock, contains the energising power of iron and essential trace minerals for the vitality of male skin

Stress, exhaustion, fatigue, but also pollution, smoke and excessive exposure to the sun are the major causes of ageing of the male skin. All these factors increase dehydration and accelerate the degeneration of the collagen fibers on which the firmness and density of the skin depend.
Starting from these observations, Nature’s research laboratories have fine tuned a men’s line that draws from nature its extraordinary hydrating and anti-ageing power: Hematite Mineral Men’s Care.
Each product in fact contains an extract from the effusive lava rock, Hematite, which is very rich in iron, an essential micronutrient which performs a fundamental role on collagen.
Comfortable, not oily, easy to use and quickly absorbed by the skin, all the products of the Hematite Mineral Men’s Care line have a fresh fragrance, with a hint of citrus and a woody background of discreet and decisively masculine tones for a pleasant sensation of comfort throughout the day.

Natural Active Ingredients

Hematite, Vegetal Hyaluronic Acid


HEADCalabrian Bergamot, Grapefruit, Sweet Orange

COREElemi, Damask Rose petals, Gardenia, Magnolia, Lily of the valley, Jasmine, Violet leaves

TAILAmerican Cedar wood, Patchouli wood, Vetiver

The Olfactory Pyramid
The first notes are citrusy-fresh (Bergamot, Grapefruit and sweet Orange) then a flowery green heart comes along with Damask Rose, Gardenia, Lily of the valley, Magnolia, Jasmine and Violet leaves. Finally, to sublimate the positively masculine character, the woody notes are revealed: Cedar and Patchouli wood, Vetiver essence and Siam Benzoin “tears”.

It is a sober, refined, very balanced perfume, addressed to a practical and concrete man, always courteous and attentive to formalities. He does not like excesses, indeed he looks for balance and perfect harmony with the environment. He does not look for notoriety, but for soundness and, even if he likes travelling, he is deeply bound to tradition.