Face Creams with bioferment
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Crema viso pelli arrossate spf20

Face Cream for reddened skin SPF20

50ml - Euro 26,00

With organic Clementine Unicellular Water, Liquorice and organic Citrus fruits Bio-fermented extract

A treatment-cream for sensitive and easily reddening skins. Its velvety texture encloses the organic Clementine Unicellular Water that nourishes the skin and brightens the face, and organic Citrus fruits Bioferment, with its high antioxidant power. Finally, Liquorice extract and sun filters protect reddened skin from external aggressions such as cold, wind and sun rays.

How to use
Apply morning and night on cleansed face and neck.

76% of ingredients from natural origin. The remaining is for product sensoriality and preservation and for the presence of sun filters.

WITH ORGANIC AND PLANT EXTRACTS in compliance with biodiversity
VEGAN FORMULA with no animal-derived ingredients
FREE FROM parabens, paraffin, mineral oils, silicones, GMOs, SLS, SLES, DEA, formaldehyde releasers
Nickel and Dermatologically tested on sensitive skins (Nickel <0.0001%)
Jar and cap: recycled glass and plastic.
Cardboard: 100% recyclable

The regenerating power of Unicellular Waters and Citrus fruits Bioferment

Innovation 2021: +300% of antioxidant power*

The regenerating power of Unicellular Waters and Citrus fruits Bioferment

From today the regenerating power of Unicellular Waters meets the antioxidant effectiveness of the organic citrus fruits bioferment.
The new formulations have been enhanced with a concentrate of antioxidant active ingredients that, combined with the vitamins Unicellular Waters are rich in, ensures regeneration and brightness of the skin.
The face creams with Unicellular Waters and Citrus Bioferment are perfect for moisturizing, nourishing and giving the facial skin all the comfort it needs at any time of the day.

* In-vitro evaluation of citrus extract before and after fermentation: antioxidant power (DPPH method)