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Gelsomino Adorabile DeoSpray no gas

DeoSpray no gas

75 ml - Euro 11,00

With Jasmine flowers and Vanilla
A long-lasting no gas deodorant ideal even for the most sensitive skin as it does not contain aluminium salt, antiperspirants or alcohol.

Thanks to its jasmine and Sage extracts, it prevents the formation of unpleasant odours while allowing skin’s natural perspiration.

The innovative packaging, with a 360 degree dispenser, allows the product to be sprayed at any angle, even upside down, for easy and practical use all over the body.

The small convenient bottle is perfect for keeping in a purse: It can be applied several times a day, for a long-lasting feeling of freshness, with the sweet and flowery fragrance typical of the entire Gelsomino Adorabile product line.

Aluminium Salt-free – Antiperspirants-free – Alcohol-free

A tribute to the innocence and joy of living.

Il fiore bianco più nobile schiude le sue candide corolle tra accordi fruttati, essenze floreali, sfumature legnose e balsamiche. Un meraviglioso bouquet femminile che é un inno alla gioia di vivere. I prodotti contengono estratti fioriti e oli essenziali ad azione nutriente e rigenerante.

Natural Active Ingredients

Extracts of jasmine, orchid, vanilla, essential oils, shea butter.


HEADMagnolia, Melon, Pear, Peach, Bergamot

COREHyacinth, Prune, Orchid, Rose, Freesia, Lily of the valley, Jasmine

TAILWhite moss, Vanilla, Cedar wood, Red berries

The Olfactory Pyramid

Initially there is a triumph of fruity notes – Melon, Pear, Peach – softened by Magnolia, then it opens up to a positively flowery heart consisting of Hyacinth, Orchid, Rose, Freesia, Lily of the valley and Jasmine. Its base notes are soft and musky: White moss, Vanilla and Red Berries.

Dedicated to those who love natural scents, that take you back to the freshly mown grass and the breeze among the trees. It is a fragrance with a green and spontaneous soul, a hymn to spring for a modern, lively, sparkling, resourceful personality.  It suits a young or youthful woman, full of life, with a marked passion for travelling and the pleasure of discovery.