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Doccia Shampoo Cedro Uomo Nature's

Energizing Shampoo and Shower Gel

200 ml - Euro 12,50

deal for daily use and after sports, it is formulated with cleansing agents from plant origin that respect the natural balance of both skin and scalp.

Cedar and Myrtle, rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, hydrate and tone the skin, while its energizing fragrance ensures a long-lasting freshness.

The magical freshness of mediterranean citrus fruits

The enchantment of the Mediterranean gardens reveals a blossoming of citrus notes and the regenerating freshness of Cedar. It is here, between sky and sea, that the fruit releases its most authentic scent and inspires two lively, sunny fragrances, luminous alchemies of passion and vitality.

For him. An explosion of freshness, sweetened by a flowery, transparent heart and a warm, velvety finish. A joyful olfactory composition, inspired by a Mediterranean citrus garden on a sunny day.

Natural Active Ingredients

Aquatic and marine accents, lime, cedar juice, white flowers, melon, lavender, sandalwood, incense, amber notes.


HEADAquatic, sea notes, Lemon, Lime

CORESea lily, Jasmine, Melon, Lavender

TAILSandal, Incense, Amber notes

The Olfactory Pyramid

At the start you detect sparkling notes followed by the Mediterranean and enveloping notes of Cedar and Bergamot that give it a positively Mediterranean character recalling the citrus groves by the sea.

A positively light and sparkling perfume, delicately effervescent for those who wish to wear a feeling of natural freshness on the skin. Suitable for sport-loving, tireless and agile people, who are always on the go and like to feel always “on track”, rested and lightly scented.