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Papavero Docciashampoo Solido

Solid Shower Shampoo bar

60 g - Euro 9,50

With organic Poppy and Cherry

The new Nature’s Shower Shampoo bar is a concentrate of natural active ingredients that respects the skin and the environment, as never before. The innovative formula has been designed with a physiological pH and coconut surfactants to gently cleanse all skin types, even the delicate ones, respecting the hydrolipidic balance and leaving the hair hydrated.
Papavero d’ Oriente Shower Shampoo, with organic Poppy and Cherry, helps counteract excessive dryness and has an intense and sensual fragrance, that is absolutely feminine.

Vegan formula with over 92% of natural ingredients; free from silicones, sulphates, and parabens.

With Nature’s Shower Shampoo, sustainability is a solid concept!

  • -70% water use for production
    Concentrated formula that is easier to store and space-saving:
    One 60g bar of Solid Shower Shampoo is equivalent to 400 ml of liquid shampoo
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable packaging
    The handy aluminum box (eco-friendly and reusable) makes it easier to store the shower shampoo and allows you to carry it in your hand luggage on the plane.
    Plastic-free, outer packaging made of paper from FSC forests.

How to use: wet the Solid Shower Shampoo bar and massage it on already-wet body and hair. It creates a soft and creamy foam that cleanses thoroughly and then rinses off like a usual shampoo or shower gel.

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