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Eau de Toilette Cedro Uomo Nature's

Eau de Toilette Cedro Uomo

50 ml - Euro 25,00

A delicate fragrance, with a lively, embracing Nature which, like a breath of fresh air, releases notes of Citron, Bergamot and Mediterranean scents, leaving the skin with a pleasant healthy sensation.

A Mediterranean personality for your man's habits.

Extracted from Citrus Medica, a very ancient plant belonging to the Rutaceous Family, the whole extract of Citron is obtained from processing the whole fruit, fully extracting the active ingredients contained both in the peel and in the pulp. These active ingredients give a very effective and specific response to the needs of men in terms of skincare.
Cedro, the skincare line from Nature’s specially developed for the needs of men’s skin, in line with his daily habits. An advanced, simple, fast to use line of products to get immediately visible results.

Natural Active Ingredients

Kiwi water, Cinnamon, Horse Chestnut, Ginkgo Ivy, Cardamom, Myrtle, Maca, Rosewood, Bamboo, Ceylon Tea, Myrrh and Ginger.


HEADAquatic, sea notes, Lemon, Lime

CORESea lily, Jasmine, Melon, Lavender

TAILSandal, Incense, Amber notes

The Olfactory Pyramid

At the start you detect sparkling notes followed by the Mediterranean and enveloping notes of Cedar and Bergamot that give it a positively Mediterranean character recalling the citrus groves by the sea.

A positively light and sparkling perfume, delicately effervescent for those who wish to wear a feeling of natural freshness on the skin. Suitable for sport-loving, tireless and agile people, who are always on the go and like to feel always “on track”, rested and lightly scented.