Zucchero d’Ambra
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Eau de Toilette

50 ml - Euro 27,00

In the Zucchero d’Ambra Eau de Toilette, the perfect balance of contrasting notes can already be felt at the first hints: Bergamot, Incense and Saffron combine as one to give then way to the heart consisting of Cinnamon, Orange Blossoms and Lavender to which Leather notes are added. The whole is intensified by the background notes of Myrrh, Cedarwood, White Musk and Elemi or Canarium luzonicum, which adds a spicy tone.

The result is an enveloping and deep fragrance, warm and invigorating at the same time.

Drops of amber are turned into a delicious olfactory accord that explores all the facets of floral and oriental notes to fade into the warmth of leather and woods. With Zucchero d’Ambra, the promise, for both him and her, is not only to feel enveloped by a fragrance that inspires vitality, but also to banish all harshness and heavy feeling from thoughts.

Natural Active Ingredients

Amber Extract: antioxidant and smoothing
Organic Sugar Extract (from sugar cane): slightly exfoliating, moisturising
Beet Betaine: moisturising and regenerating
Organic Shea butter: nourishing
Beet Allantoin: exfoliating


HEADBergamot, drops of honey, Frankincense, Saffron

COREOrange flowers, Lavender, Cinnamon, leather accord

TAILAmber, Mirra, Elemi, Wood, Cedar, White Musk

The aromatic note that characterizes the Zucchero d’Ambra line is warm, lively, intense and deep. The drops of Amber are transformed into a delicious olfactory note that explores all the facets of floral and oriental notes to fade into the warmth of leather and woods. In a decidedly unisex character.