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Sunlight Drops Self Tanning Body Lotion

125 ml - Euro 28,50

After the success of Sun Light Drops Self Tanning Face Lotion, Nature’s laboratories are proud to present this product specific for the whole body.
Light and quick to absorb, the body&legs lotion ensures a bright, warm colour very quickly, keeping skin young and elastic.

The ultra-fast, self-tanning DHA from plant origin and the Organic Argan Oil, with its nourishing, emollient properties, make it perfect for an intense, natural, sun-free tan all year round in complete safety.
The special reflective micro-particles minimise discolouration and brighten the complexion. The fluid texture is easy to apply and quickly absorbed.


Two fast-absorbing self-tanning formulations, which give a warm, luminous and uniform complexion in a short time. Specifically designed for the face, legs and body, they take advantage of the precious properties of Argan oil, a true beauty elixir for the skin.