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Latte Detergente Idratante Acque Unicellulari

Moisturizing Cleansing Milk Face and Eyes Acque Unicellulari

150 ml - Euro 15,00

Ideal for daily cleansing, this soft emulsion gently removes make-up and impurities, leaving the skin soft and ready for the next stage of treatment.
It contains Organic Unicellular Bergamot Water, with a refreshing and purifying effect, sweet almond oil, nourishing and softening, and a toning, regenerating complex of plant extracts.


With Organic Bergamot Unicellular Water base. For all skin types.

The most highly-prized variety of Bergamot is cultivated in the ancient citrus groves located between the seaside and the mountains of Calabria. The extraordinarily pure water is obtained from squeezing the fruit. It is procured from the plant’s vital cells and rich in trace elements, vitamins and essential oils. Organic Bergamot Unicellular Water is a natural source of vitality for the skin, with a refreshing and purifying effect.

Natural Active Ingredients

Organic Bergamot Unicellular Water: purifying –  Sweet Almond Oil: nourishing, emollient – Pomegranate Extract: re-balancing – Mandelic Acid: exfoliating – Witch Hazel Extract: softening – Jojoba Beads: smoothing, moisturizing – Orange Blossom: revitalizing