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Miaflora Eau de Parfum Racconti

75 ml - Euro 52,00
30 ml | Limited Edition

Flowery Fragrance
Floral and sophisticated, gently spicy, it starts with the delicate fruity notes of Lychees, then it grows with the tones of Bulgarian rose before the star essence, the absolute of Rose de Mai, together with the sensuality of Cashmere wood.

Olfactory note: Lychee, essence of Bulgarian rose, Absolute of Rose de Mai and Cashmere wood.

The exclusive, surprisingly natural, Eau de Parfum collection.

Five story-perfumes with a distinct, unique, original character.
With nature as a background, these fragrances combine and, like a real snapshot, capture the vibrant suggestion of a moment, evoking its scented sensations.
Five Eau de Parfums that go beyond gender distinctions and, like a tale, come to life around the protagonist-essence.
Formulated and produced in Italy with high quality ingredients from protected cultivations and with organic alcohol.
All essences are sustainable, environmental-friendly and respecting biodiversity and local populations.

The sea, the earth, the forest, the garden, the citrus groves are the landscapes on which emotions, memories and dreams intertwine, and nature and our sensations bond again.
It is a different way of tracing a fragrance: Nature’s chooses only essences obtained through eco-sustainable processes, in the respect of nature.

Like all Nature’s products, they do not contain: Parabens, Paraffin, Mineral oils, GMOs, SLS, SLES, DEA and formaldehyde releasers.

“Five hundred and two, five hundred and three, five hundred and four …”, she counted them every spring, like a ritual, a prayer that must be held every year for all this to happen.
“Five hundred and seven, five hundred and eight …”.
And she smiled, gentle and beautiful, overwhelmed by an immense cascade of roses.
The walls were covered, and the water fountain had an infusion of petals, flowers gave life to a scented essence with light-pink and purple reflections.
From the gate, my gaze was free to enter and my thoughts to plunge among the statues and the garden roses.
Everywhere, a warm, ancient scent and for a moment it was like I could touch its soul.

Absolute of Rose de Mai

Origin: Morocco

The absolute is obtained from Rosa Centifolia, that comes from sustainable cultivations in Morocco. Flowers are picked by hand at sunrise or at sunset, in order to preserve the original fragrance of their petals at best. The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation, whereas the absolute is extracted with volatile solvents. About 200,000 roses are required to obtain a kilogram of Absolute.