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Invisible Sun Oil Spray SPF 15 MEDIUM PROTECTION

150 ml - Euro 19,00

The Argà Sun oil Invisible spray face-body-hair SPF 15 is a quickly-absorbed, light and fresh spray oil, ideal for light and normal skin.

Its texture leaves the skin soft and moisturized, without feeling greasy.

The organic Argan oil, rich in vitamins and antioxidizing substances, gives the skin correct nourishment, while the tanning booster, a special mixture of Oleyl Tyrosine and Loofah oil, boosts and intensifies the tan. The mixture of filters ensures targeted protection from UVA and UVB rays and action against photoaging, for moisturized and above all protected skin.


The first sun care products with argan oil and tanning accelerator.

From the magical encounter between argan oil, rich in moisturizing, nourishing and antioxidant plant substances, and tanning accelerator, a promoter of the skin pigmentation process, comes a range of sun care products that give an intense, even colour in a short space of time.

For fast, radiant, long-lasting tanning.


Natural Active Ingredients

Organic Argan oil: rich in vitamins, Omega 6 and phytosterols, nourishing and regenerating – Tanning booster (Oleyl Tyrosine and Loofah oil): accelerates the tanning process – Mix of broad spectrum sun filters: UVA and UVB sun protection – Carrot oil: moisturizing and protective – Vitamin C, E: antioxidant and regenerating – Vegetable-derived DHA Molecule with a self-tanning action that, when coming into contact with keratin, causes a chemical reaction and forms coloured complexes that darken the skin progressively.