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Fico Body Face Oil

100 ml - € 15,00

With organic Fig and Cardamom extracts

Those who love the satin effect that gives the skin an even and flawless appearance will like it. It is a mixture of moisturising vegetable oils, which ensure a strong emollient effect. It also contains vegetable oils from organic origin, helping to preserve the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin, organic fig fruit extract, with moisturising and antioxidant properties, organic cardamom seed extract, with a soothing effect and vitamin E which, in addition to promoting skin absorption, helps counteract premature ageing. The performance effect also contributes to a mix of slightly golden and bronze pigments, which give the skin a delicately amber and luminous appearance. Extremely smooth and rapidly absorbed, it has a dry, luminous and velvety final touch.
It contains over 97% of ingredients from natural origin.

There is all the vibrant emotion of the Italian summer in this line that draws inspiration from one of the Mediterranean fruits par excellence, the Fig. Its sugary aroma and its inviting creaminess are the leitmotif of these products designed to soften the skin, keep it soft and give it a feeling of fresh well-being. The intertwining with notes of lemon, white flowers and vanilla helps to define an innovative fragrance suitable for both male and female tastes.

The formulas, based on organic fig and cardamom extracts, contain up to 98% of ingredients from natural origin, which is why they are also suitable for the most delicate skin.


HEADLemon, Fig, Cardamom bloom

COREOrange blossom, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang

TAILCashmere wood, Vanilla, Amber

The Olfactory Pyramid
First, the sparkling and aromatic notes of lemon and cardamom, which invite you to fully enjoy the fig sugary hints. Then the intoxicating tenderness of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang is released, to which the notes of Cashmere wood are linked. Eventually, the warm and sensual tones of Amber and Vanilla.

It is a feminine fragrance but with a sweet touch so light and delicate that it also adapts well to the male taste.
It expresses a desire for serenity, a willingness to share and a decidedly soft and conciliatory approach to life.