Zucchero d’Ambra
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Scrub Viso e Corpo Esfoliante e nutriente
 Zucchero d’Ambra

Exfoliating and nourishing Face&Body Scrub

190 g - 15,50

with Amber and organic Sugar nectar

Thanks to velvety and creamy vegetable butters and to the smoothing action of salt crystals, this Face&Body Scrub smooths and softens the skin leaving it immediately brighter and delicately scented.

Exfoliation is an important beauty routine to clean the skin from dead cells that thicken it layering on top of each other. Exfoliation softens the skin and restores its evenness, prepares face and body to the next skincare treatment. This Face&Body Scrub contains natural and valuable ingredients that are gentle on the skin, such as:

  • Shea butter and vegetable waxes that, while ensuring the maximum smoothness, have an emollient, filming and protective action that provides softness and elasticity to the skin;
  • microgranules of recrystallized rock salt, that is, first dissolved in pure water, then filtered and subsequently recrystallized to ensure its highest purity;
  • organic extracts and vegetable oils to soften, sooth and nourish the skin, protecting its hydrolipidic film.

This Face&Body Scrub is enriched with Amber extract, to counteract dehydration and saggy skin, and Sugar nectar (watery extract from organic sugar cane), with a gentle exfoliating effect and rich in mineral salts.

How to use: apply to damp skin massaging with circular movements, then rinse with lukewarm water; it leaves the skin immediately smoother and velvety.

In limited edition.

It contains up to 93% of ingredients from natural origin

Drops of amber are turned into a delicious olfactory accord that explores all the facets of floral and oriental notes to fade into the warmth of leather and woods. With Zucchero d’Ambra, the promise, for both him and her, is not only to feel enveloped by a fragrance that inspires vitality, but also to banish all harshness and heavy feeling from thoughts.

Natural Active Ingredients

Amber Extract: antioxidant and smoothing
Organic Sugar Extract (from sugar cane): slightly exfoliating, moisturising
Beet Betaine: moisturising and regenerating
Organic Shea butter: nourishing
Beet Allantoin: exfoliating


HEADBergamot, drops of honey, Frankincense, Saffron

COREOrange flowers, Lavender, Cinnamon, leather accord

TAILAmber, Mirra, Elemi, Wood, Cedar, White Musk

The aromatic note that characterizes the Zucchero d’Ambra line is warm, lively, intense and deep. The drops of Amber are transformed into a delicious olfactory note that explores all the facets of floral and oriental notes to fade into the warmth of leather and woods. In a decidedly unisex character.