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Assoluta Siero Antietà

Siero Antietà Assoluta

30 ml - Euro 34,00

The Nature’s anti-aging serum Nature’s sculpts and remodels face, neck and neckline.
This elixir anti-age intensive action thanks to its active Mirtylage and Iris Florentina, redensify helps the skin tissues with an immediate tightening effect and a progressive regenerating and restructuring action. Reduces visible signs of aging: smooth lines and wrinkles, more uniform and luminous, cooler and more restored face.
Its pleasing texture, a light gel emulsion, absorbs quickly, leaves no greasy and gives a smoother touch to the epidermis.


A noble flower, a wild fruit: a new anti-ageing concept

Assoluta is the anti-age face line, ideal for mature, dull and lifeless skins, that comes from the perfect synergy between the smoothing action on wrinkles of Myrtilage and the redensifying action of Florentine Iris.

The heart of the innovation by Assoluta is Myrtilage, a concentrate with a high flavonoid content (quercitin and myricetin) obtained from the wild berries of Blueberry using a complex processing method. It has an anti-ageing action that firms, stretches and smoothes the skin, expression wrinkles in particular, with an effect similar to “botulin” but natural, without any side effects and reversible.

The Florentine Iris extract, acts on age wrinkles with three different actions: it promotes cell renewal, combats sagging and helps stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

The synergy of Myrtilage and Florentine Iris brings the face immediately visible benefits. With Assoluta, day after day the skin finds vitality, brightness and compactness, while wrinkles are smoothed and the contour of the face is redefined, giving it a fresher and younger look.

Natural Active Ingredients

Myrtilage, Florentine Iris, Shea butter, Sweet almond oil, Sunflower oil and Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Panthenol

Consigliato mattino e sera, da applicare prima della Crema Antietà per un effetto urto. Basta stendere alcune gocce picchiettando dolcemente partendo dal décolleté e risalendo verso il collo, il viso e la fronte, come indicato dal protocollo di massaggio qui sotto riportato.

Profumo senza allergeni (direttiva 2003/15).


Partendo dal collo far scivolare le mani verso il centro del mento e risalire verso le orecchie per terminare all’altezza delle tempie. Durante lo scivolamento con i polpastrelli, effettuare delle leggere digitopressioni per stimolare la muscolatura. Continuare scivolando sul setto nasale e sulle guance quindi ritornare alla base del collo. Ripetere 3 volte.