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Siero Beauty Nectar Nature's

Renewal Serum

30 ml - Euro 27,00

Day and night revitalizing treatment, designed to give skin brightness, tone and hydration.

Thanks to the very high concentration of active ingredients, Chianti Grape Seeds and Organic Red Grape Vine, it visibly reduces wrinkles and expression lines, reactivates cellular functions and redefines the facial contours.


Chianti wine-based treatments that extend the youthfulness of skin.

Chianti wine-based treatments for a clearly younger-looking and more beautiful skin. In ancient time Wine was known as “the nectar of Gods” and was consumed only by Emperors and Court Dignitaries. Today, it is considered to be rich in virtues, useful both for health and for the beauty of the skin.

Several scientific studies have shown that wine contains special substances, polyphenols, which increase the resistance of blood vessels, strengthen and improve circulation, and protect collagen and elastin. Red wine also contains a high quantity of anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants capable of fighting free radicals, the molecules responsible for the ageing of skin tissue.

Nature’s laboratories, drawing inspiration from the wine therapy treatments done in the beauty farms, have selected a fine quality of red grape, which grows on the hills of Tuscany, and have enclosed its beneficial effects in Beauty Nectar: the first Chianti wine-based range of cosmetics that extends skin’s youthfulness.

A periodic treatment, lasting around 30 days, to be repeated several times a year, during the change of season and whenever needed.

Natural Active Ingredients

Grape Polyphenols and Tocopherols: powerful natural antioxidants. They slow down skin aging, protecting against external aggression and UV rays. – Resveratrol: molecule present in Chianti wine acting on two fronts: one hand it prevents the formation of free radicals, on the other, it blocks the effect of the radicals already present in cells and neutralises them, preventing damage to the skin. – Grape seed oil: highly prized for its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (vitamin F) with marked nourishing and elasticising properties. – Sweet grape acids: these gently exfoliate the epidermis, freeing it from thickening and impurities and stimulating cell renewal. – Grape Water: Obtained from the squeezing of grape and subsequent “fresh” distillation ( a few nanoseconds to leave the active ingredients unaltered).  Vitamins (A, C, B1, B2, PP) and minerals (potassium, iron, copper, manganese): antioxidant and protective action. – Grape Sugars: Glucose and Fructose, which grant a balanced skin hydration. – Natural Essential Oils: gently scent the products and have a tonic, softening and revitalizing action. – Red Grape Extract: rich in Procyanidins, which fight against free radicals and help to keep skin elastic and tonic.