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Unanota Eau de Parfum Racconti di Nature's

Unanota Eau de Parfum Racconti

75 ml - 25,00 Euro | Edizione Limitata
30 ml | Limited Edition

Spicy Fragrance
Spicy and intense, captivating and a little audacious, it develops starting from the notes of Pink Peppercorns and then warms up with the small flowers of Indian Sambac Jasmine, while the olfactory perception thickens and reveals the strong and distinct identity of Patchouli from Indonesia and White Patchouli in accordance with Musk.

Olfactory note: Pink Peppercorns, Indian Sambac Jasmine, Patchouli from Indonesia, White Patchouli and Musk.

The exclusive, surprisingly natural, Eau de Parfum collection.

Five story-perfumes with a distinct, unique, original character.
With nature as a background, these fragrances combine and, like a real snapshot, capture the vibrant suggestion of a moment, evoking its scented sensations.
Five Eau de Parfums that go beyond gender distinctions and, like a tale, come to life around the protagonist-essence.
Formulated and produced in Italy with high quality ingredients from protected cultivations and with organic alcohol.
All essences are sustainable, environmental-friendly and respecting biodiversity and local populations.

The sea, the earth, the forest, the garden, the citrus groves are the landscapes on which emotions, memories and dreams intertwine, and nature and our sensations bond again.
It is a different way of tracing a fragrance: Nature’s chooses only essences obtained through eco-sustainable processes, in the respect of nature.

Like all Nature’s products, they do not contain: Parabens, Paraffin, Mineral oils, GMOs, SLS, SLES, DEA and formaldehyde releasers.

A long, dilated evening.
At the end, it is shortly after midnight.
I am lying under the sky, and the mustard-coloured soil gives out the thick and amber-coloured heat of the day. The scent of spices is strong, I am surrounded by the moist, golden wood of shrubs and the penetrating looks of people.
Within a succession of sensations, something deep, intimate, intense. Home is far away and sooner or later I will have to return: but only a half, not the whole of me. I feel that a part of me will remain here, in these lands of clay of a thousand colours, wrapped in the smoke of incense.

Indian Sambac Jasmine

Origin: India

The flowers are picked only by hand, from April to September. The first extraction is carried out with volatile solvents that are heated and then eliminated through evaporation. The absolute is obtained through further purification and evaporation.